Last Updated December 1, 2023

Options Trading

In alignment with our mission, Robinhood believes that everyday investors should have access to the tools and benefits to independently build for their financial futures.

Key Points:

  • Robinhood believes that the potential benefits of options trading should not be limited to the wealthy few.
  • Robinhood developed tools like the Options Trading Essentials hub to provide education on options trading and more.

What we’ve seen

Our mission to provide investment opportunities to all includes providing interested and eligible customers access to the potential benefits of options trading. Options trading can be an important financial tool that can help provide a valuable risk mitigation strategy and income. We believe that should be available to investors of all socioeconomic backgrounds—not just the wealthy and connected. Investors who have fewer assets, many of whom were previously excluded from the market by prohibitive commissions, should not be prevented from becoming educated traders and stewards of their own financial resources.

What we’re doing

We launched our Options Trading Essentials hub in 2021– a dedicated site on Robinhood Learn, available to everyone, providing education on the ins and outs of options trading, risk management, and much more. We’ve also expanded our Help Center with extensive resources on options and margin trading.

Trading options involves significant risk and isn’t appropriate for all investors. To learn about the risks, read the OCC’s Options Disclosure Document.

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Educational Resources

Options Trading Essentials
Robinhood Learn
Options Trading Essentials Video Series


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