Last Updated December 1, 2023

Financial Education

Robinhood is committed to better equipping the next generation of investors with jargon-free educational content.

Key Points:

  • Access to financial education is crucial for the next generation of investors.
  • Robinhood’s commitment exemplified through programming and partnerships.
  • Robinhood supports policies that prioritize financial literacy.

What we’ve seen

Millions of investors are entering the markets and investing for the first time, so financial education is more important than ever. Most of the activity on the Robinhood platform is self-directed, and we want to provide our customers with the right tools to help them make informed investment decisions. The more investors  learn about investing, pay attention to their assets, and get involved in their finances, the better equipped they are to build for their financial futures.

Every long-term investor was once a new investor, so we’re building educational tools to help our customers on their journeys—both in-app and through other avenues.

What we’re doing

We’ve launched a number of programs, including a series of crypto education workshops across the country, to bring resources straight to customers in their communities. Also, as part of our Robinhood Money Drills Initiative aiming to bring financial literacy to schools across the nation, we’re proud to partner with West Virginia University, University of Memphis, Kansas State University, and Texas Christian University.

We’ve also partnered with organizations that are building pathways to better financial futures and promoting a more equitable financial system. So far we’ve collaborated with the Black Economic Alliance, Amplify Latinx, the Memorial Foundation, the National Bankers Association, and the National Association of Securities Professionals. We were also the first company to sign Operation HOPE’s Investors’ Bill of Rights, which calls for financial institutions and brokerage companies to provide greater financial literacy, knowledge and understanding to their customers.

The takeway

Access to easy-to-understand investment information and education is fundamental to expanding participation in the U.S. financial system, and we look to support policy solutions that prioritize financial literacy for customers of all backgrounds.

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