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Robinhood’s intuitive platform is a key reason why many people of all backgrounds and socioeconomic status are participating in the markets today.

Key Points:

  • Robinhood demolished the need for brick and mortar brokerages.
  • The Robinhood app gives investors the tools they want to invest on their own terms.

What we’ve seen

Technology is the great equalizer. It has helped level the playing field for first-time investors and investors of limited means to engage in the markets in the same way the wealthy few have enjoyed for decades. By untethering investing from brick-and-mortar brokerage offices and desktop computers, and by demystifying the process, we have seen new groups of people entering the markets and becoming investors.

Last July, the SEC proposed a new rule related to the use of predictive data analytics, one that would stifle innovation and severely curb financial services firms from using technology to serve their customers. As it stands, the rule would bring us back in time potentially making it more difficult and expensive to invest and trade. Robinhood has voiced its opposition (read our comment letter here; get involved here) and will continue to advocate against the  Commission’s broad attempt to regulate who can enter our markets.

What we’re doing

At Robinhood, we aim to build intuitive products in a responsible manner. Our app includes features that provide the intuitive experience modern day investors want and expect while giving them the necessary tools to keep tabs on their finances and conduct their own self-directed investing.

Simply put, our design and product features help make investing more approachable, less intimidating, personalized, and easy to understand. Investing isn’t a game, but we don’t believe it has to be grim and difficult to understand.

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